Route plan

From Heathrow to Aylesbury

  • Follow the exit signs from the car park, head towards "Exit", M4 motorway, and London. Please note the speed limit is 50 MPH on the dual carriageway out of Heathrow. Keep in the left hand lane along this dual carriageway.
  • At the end of the dual carriageway go under the bridge and turn left onto the M4 motorway, stay in the left lane. The speed limit for motorways is 70 mph.
  • Take the next junction and join the M25 (the London Orbital motorway) you need to take the spur towards Watford, M40, Oxford.. in a clockwise direction around the M25.
  • Turn off the M25 at junction - signed "Aylesbury" and "Hemel Hempsted" (this is the junction just after the turning signed "A41" and "Watford".
  • At the roundabout at the bottom of the slip road turn left onto the A41 towards Aylesbury. Please be careful, as this is a very fast roundabout. The A41 is a dual carriageway, the speed limit is 70 mph.
  • At the roundabout at the end of the A41 turn left, keep going straight ahead over all of the roundabouts, and you will get to Aylesbury.

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